Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pushing the big red button

The Wewelsburg Covenant started as a dream I quit my job for. It was a chance I was willing to take, and when I submitted my book for The Citizen book prize in 2009, I was confident that it was a story that would entertain people, and fortunately, I was right in the sense that hundreds of people voted in favour of my book's synopsis, and The Wewelsburg Covenant took home the honours of winner of The Citizen book prize 2009.

It has been a while in the making. The detailed research and writing took just under a year, and it has been a long journey, but finally the day has arrived to push the big red button - the one that says 'print', or in this case 'publish to Kindle'.

The Wewelsburg Covenant is available on the Kindle platform, for all devices, including PC, iPhone, iPad, Kindle of course, and Android devices (see a full list here of devices you can read Kindle books on). The print book will also be available on Amazon (through Createspace) shortly.

If anything, visit the book's product page on Amazon to try a sample. There are at least 10 free chapters to read. I hope you will enjoy what you read, and if you happen to, kindly share it with anyone you think might be interested, or write a review, and email me if you have any comments, I'd love to hear from you (wewelsburgcovenant at gmail dot com).

And thanks for your support!

John Braun

To read The Wewelsburg Covenant on Kindle, simply click here:

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